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Welcome players, who want to have the best village in Clash of Clans hack! We are team from Massachusetts, which really love mobile game. On last time, we playing a lot of time in probably one of most popular strategy game. So, we want to share with you our way to have full capabilities from game. We created a lot of articles with tips and tricks to game. We are open for some suggestion, so, if you have any question for game to us, write comment, and we get you answer.

Clash of Clans cheats – a lot of information about game

This is mobile strategy game in fantasy world. The most important thing in whole game is improve village and create strong army. With strong heroes you can beat all opponents, and get their village. You must remember about defensive and offensive. For me – second thing is more important, because it is basically safety for us, when we do not playing, or even login in game. Big objective in game is make strong clan, and fight with opponents. You must looking for some allies, that you can beat other army. Remember about that, because it is very important. Clash of Clans cheats is easy game, when you understand basic rules in game, trust me.

How to hack Clash of Clans?

Set in the realities of a social fantasy strategy game, in which we deal with the expansion of their settlement and defense of its walls against encroachment of other players. Clash of Clans Hack was developed by Supercell (Finish studio), also known economic strategy of funny in Hay Day. On first time, the game was released initially only on iOS, but in short time also Android users can playing game. The main reason is huge commercial success and willingness occurrence makers in the Asian markets. Today – the game is one of most popular in whole world. It is probably best mobile strategy game on smartphones. It is not case.

So – how to play CoC? It is great question!

By joining the game we get their own piece of land together constituting the center of the town hall and a modest supply of gold and a special potion. Our mission is do thought moves to get more resources. If we can get it, we can improve our village in different ways. So – we cannot easy to beat, and also have more chance to attack on some village. Our task in game is efficient expansion of settlements and the creation of a strong army able to face the armies controlled by other players. For this purpose, we raise a lot of other buildings – both military and economic, recruit strong soldiers and strengthen our defenses settlement. We can choose from ten different types of units. For example, we can use dragons, wizards or barbarians to beat other players. Distinguished by their different abilities and each building has several levels of expansion. It is important, but you do not forget about one big thing – the core of the game are the battle turned against players from around the world. The game each chosen us opponents of the level of development similar to ours, that it is not too easy for us.

Remember about attack

CoC Hack we must use all information to beat some opponents. After successful attack on the village of the enemy, gaining the gold and mentioned the potion, making our estates and army can grow much faster – remember. Our village can fall victim to attack other players – of course – and make matters worse, this may happen even after you log out of our game. So, you should remember about defensive structures, such as towers, traps, mortars and cannon that will ensure our defenders security during our absence. It is another reason, why you should to have strong defenders in village.

Join to clan, and get full capabilities from game

Clash of Clans is a typically social game in which the lines of MMO, where we have chance to join a clan, like in title. Their members may send the army, which will provide us with support in battle. However, at the same time, we may be harassed by the other clans, of which our alliance leads just war. Remember, it is also worth mentioning that in addition to struggle multiplayer game designers foresaw the opportunity to play single player campaign, in which we fight against goblin’s army and must get fifty villages controlled slaughter computer opponents.

Great graphic in game

Clashes have nice graphic. It represent a typical production for mobile-browser cartoon character, like in comics. Game’s creators want to make magic world as pretty candy. The landscape in game is definitely like this. But to avoid the monotony of the authors took care of seasonal changes in climate and the elements of the environment. Clash of Clans Hack uses the popular free-to-play model, with micropayments system. Using them is not necessary, but without using real money progress in the game will be a lot slower. So, a lot of players decide to use micropayment system and also get more chance to be better in game. We do not want to pay cash for virtual game, so we create different way to get full capabilities from game. Do you interested? Read more, and get information.

What is the phenomenon Clash of Clans hack?

It is great question for everybody, who play in mobile games over few months. In games market we have a lot of titles without any success, but sometime we can get game like Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run, Game of War, Angry Birds or… Clash of Clans! For me – it is classical strategy game, without any magic system or even super playing version. So – how to get big popular? It seems to me it is simple playing mode, great marketing and also interesting story. It is few reason, how a lot of players want to play in Clash of Clans Hack.

Create the strongest village

The most important thing in the game is having strongest village. What I mean? You should have gold mine, barracks, town hall, and a lot of strong soldiers. It is only way to win. You must be strong. On first time, you should build a base, or rather the settlement, we will constantly develop and defend against attackers. All this thing is to later build watchtowers, put walls and produce new units that we use to rub on the base of others. The gameplay is designed primarily to struggle in multiplayer mode. So, you should have strongest village with solid soldiers, so as to something cannot beat you, remember.

How to improve village?

One of key points to success is improve village. In game we have few builds, but we do not access after the start of the game. For starters, we can only purchase essential buildings such as the Gold Mine, Magazine Gold and Town Hall. Each building can be upgraded, but we will, of course, cost and time, and the internal currency. The types of buildings in game available at the beginning of the game:

  • Gold Mine – it is building responsible for the production of gold in the game. Gold Mine brings gradually from the underground. Raw materials are endless, so do not fear that you run out. If we have this building on high level, we can get more raw materials.
  • Elixir Collector – it is for Gold Mine. With the fact that it gets out of the ground the precious elixir. Improving it will cause the amount of intake of raw material increase. Number of underground raw material is unlimited, remember.
  • Gold Storage – it here goes with the gold extracted from the Gold Mine. So, the amount is limited, that we improve structures increase it is capacity to get more gold.
  • Town Hall – important building in the village, which defines how many individual buildings we build. After each upgrade we add a set of new buildings.
  • Army Camp – place, where we can train our soldiers. It have limited to only 25 units.
  • Cannons – plot defenses that serve to defend our location. Improved give the opportunity to inflict more damage on opponent. For me – it is great way to defend village. So, improve it.
  • Walls – another building for defend. Walls will stop for a while opponents. They do not, however, protect against flying units or archers. The improvement adds strength walls.


So, if you want to have strong village, you must improve all buildings. You must remember about harmony in all process, and think a lot of about it. For me, it is great journey, and best test, how to I can manage our village. For me, one of most important thing in all game is have to balance about attack and defensive. It is not easy, because on start, we want to beat all players, but remember about one thing – we do not playing all time. So, we must have strong defensive, that is save you from the threat.

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